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A video showing a guy doing things after the war or apocalypse. the guy does stuff and as he gets better with self talk out loud or not. he make stuff over and over building base that can resist the tide of the undead. when he does so and says to himself. ( i am getting so good at this that i can do it without thinking now.) then voice start talking of people who are dead in the past. this can be like a fit if you want it to your zombies have them all the time. the voice are talking about the things he knows so he smiles watching the past and then watches as they talk about what they know but now they are talking about the next steps and this is things you don't know. 


Now he is listening raptly as he learns from those that died in the apocalypse. this occurs every time he gets good to a level at something by repetition. dude this could be a movie script to with knowledge and torture and fits. gg.

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