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Erroneous electric fences


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Electric Fences used to be buggy all the time in previous alphas, but in this alpha 20, they went a dimension further up. See in this video at the linked timestamp:


1. dimension:

Expected behavior: When repairing, fence wires always get tightened

Experienced behavior: When repairing, fence wires sometimes get redirected into nirwana (indefinitely in a vicinity, and working at that wrong placement along the wire)


2. dimension:

Expected behavior: As long as not damaged, wires should work and thus damage incoming zombies

Experienced behavior: During horde night, wires suddenly stop working all at ones, while being damaged only to a certain portion of all wires (During repair, it is shown that only a portion of the wire receivers were damaged in the horde night, some are completely undamaged, some only slightly - those should never had stopped working during horde night)



In previous alphas, it was common place that wires arbitrarily changed their connections points between the tip and the bottom of the fence posts. Now in the A20, they get repositioned to complete nonsense while being repaired.

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i had this happen once during the first (maybe second horde night cant remember) time i used the fences on horde night, i followed the wires to there end and when i got there they disappeared. when i got back to my base i fixed the missing wires and it never happened again. on day 100 now and i almost had forgot it happened until seeing this.

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