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Feature request - rotating and push/pull Actuators.

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The idea stems from not wanting to “cheese” the AI with killing corridors and the like, but instead the ability to move blocks into positions to make the Ai’s pathing more difficult (but not impossible) via moving obstacles.


- ramp appears to push zombie heads into spinning blades, or blades move into zombies path.
- bar blocks drop-down/move up to block the zombie's path and protect a player
- door lifts to allow players to enter their base. 
- A rotating “fan” of blocks to push the zombies back. 

- horde base that is a changing “Maze”, lengthening the path to the player. 



Collisions could be handled just like if you smashed two blocks together, they break/take damage, with the stronger block taking less than the weaker block. The stronger the block, the more damage it would do to the other block.  Collisions with zombies should take damage just if the zombie hit the block. 


The limitation should be in the weight supported. It shouldn’t support an entire wall of steel blocks off a single actuator. Anything more than a “reasonable” amount of weight should cause the actuator to break when powered. The noise generated from the actuator should be loud as well so it will attract any nearby zombies. 



Unlocking it should be via the advanced engineering perk or electrician perk, with it being in the last tier or second to last tier so late game players have something to do. 



This would take the base building aspect of the game into another realm of creativity that I believe hard core base builders, such as myself, would thoroughly enjoy just by implementing two moving blocks. this could also be implemented in interesting ways when it comes to quests and survivor based POI. 

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