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Channel Lock Workbenchs


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they work one time and break but you can make them very easily and can do it in a forge like a hammer. They are flimsy and break after one use though. this will be good in game for when the game comes out and you can make it so it is on the xp tree. you might add a vise also. 


the channel lock can be used on cars and stuff but remember the single or very quick breaking of the unit could be caused by a clamp used on one end to make it hold tight enough to rip apart cars. so that is how the single use works. remember it doesn't have to be on the xp list. it could be made with to pipe and some household wiring.


You simply flatten the two pipes in the center. then you put a bolt in the middle or you bail them together. then you flatten the ends to make them clamp stuff. anyway just try a few version if you want. after all it is just an idea but may be good for the next game.

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