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A20.1 EXP - updated to b6


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Today we deployed A20.1 b5 to EXP for you all to enjoy!

Savegames should be compatible, but as always we recommend a fresh start.

We have updated a few POIs that will only show up in a newly created world with A20.1 b5


To participate:

1. right click on the game in steam 

2. click on properties

3. click the "betas" tab

4. the drop down menu will have latest_experimental available   ← you want THAT

5. select that and wait for the game to download.



The changelog:

A20.1 b5



  • Show Stability makes a clearly different green for max and darkens colors every 1m of world space 



  • Updates to downtown_strip_05 based on player feedback (e.g. texture issues, sleeper adjustment, etc.)
  • Updated to house_modern_18 made path more obvious, added torches, added triggers so sleepers aren't left behind, etc.
  • Updates to remnant_skyscraper_01 based on QA feedback. 
  • Updated house_construction_01 and house_construction_02 with new art props 
  • Updated remnant_business_0205, updated with new art and shapes 
  • Updated store_book_01, store_clothing_01, store_electronics_02, store_grocery_01, store_gun_02, added new art and new shapes 
  • House_modern_23 Changes made based on feedback 
  • Updated restore power and sleeper configuration for countrytown_business_04 based on player feedback. 
  • Warehouse_04: added floor trims inside warehouses, fixed mispainted textures in bathrooms and kitchen's floor, replaced shelfs to prevent z-fighting. 
  • Remnant_waste_01 replaced sinks for sink shape inside ice cream store. Improved destroyed ceiling 
  • Updated downtown_strip_10 based on player feedback. 
  • Downtown_filler_27 removed door frame simulating door that was permanently closed to avoid confusion 
  • House_modern_23: changes made after level designers meeting feedback 
  • Reworked all couch harvests to give some of the main resources on the destroy event instead in the middle of the harvest 
  • Slightly increased the probability of books found in book piles and crackabook shelves 
  • Enabled graphics jobs 
  • Downtown_filler_23. Replaced bank upper windows for bulletproof. Replaced old fuse boxes. Fixed trigger not properly linked to door. 
  • Updated loot probability and quality templates to better align with the new loot stage system 
  • Added and updated loot probabilities with a ProbT2Cap template to prevent empty loot containers and/or missing loot items at high loot stage where ProbT3 is not available 
  • Mailboxes now have a higher chance to spawn archery, spear, and needle and thread books early game 
  • Reworked tiered chest loot to better reflect POI difficulty 
  • Reduced the amount of aloe cream found in backpacks 
  • Increased the chance to find acid in sinks and chemical sets 
  • Added another low chance to find vehicle wheels in Pass-N-Gas crates 
  • Warehouse_04:  final loot room sleepers volumes rearranged to hold at least two feral. Replaced fake scrap metal rollup doors for steel ones. Fixed mispainted texture in perimeter wall )
  • Reorganized the furniture helpers to prevent unwanted block rotations hiding adjacent block faces due to mixed block types/properties 
  • Moved cabinets, cupboards, and bookshelves to a new player crafted helper block (same recipe as before) 
  • Moved the storage crate and writable storage crate to their own recipes (same recipe as before) 
  • Moved the old chair out of the furniture helper and gave it its own new recipe 
  • Added produce baskets, pallets, and empty clothes shelves to furniture helper 
  • Updated preview thumbnail JPGs for part_loot_t1 through t5. 
  • Updated  house_old_tudor_06 to new RWG standards. 
  • Updated  house_old_bungalow_08 for new RWG country residential.
  • Updated large_park_01  moved kiosk 1 block to the back, added extra floor under it 
  • Farm_04 made changes so it's no longer easy to reach and kill final sleepers before triggering. Fixed mispainted textures. Changed quick exit for roll up door. 
  • Farm_08 locked front door. Added light pointing at the quest's entrance. 
  • Removed restore power quest from lot_downtown_filler_01 
  • Cut Game Stage Achievements in half 
  • Penetrator Perk now references the Lever Action rifle instead of the Marksman rifle 
  • Updated Localization for furniture helper blocks 
  • Drone description no longer references the ability to fight
  • Reduced ammo loot counts by ~15 to 30% 
  • Reduced amount of ammo found in yellow zombie loot bags from large to medium group 
  • Reduced amount of ammo found in blue zombie loot bags from 2 large rolls to 1


  • Remnant_downtown_12, mispainted textures 
  • Terrain density covers satchel in warehouse_04 
  • Missing paint behind curtains in house_old_ranch_01. 
  • Missing paint in gas_station_07. 
  • In body_shop_01, loot room sleepers on rooftop spawn within players view 
  • Terrain water blocks can be broken and sent flying in block shape by the splash damage from Rocket HE rounds. 
  • Distant and/or low resolution reflections/lighting on arrows are pink 
  • Inaccessible cabinets in house_old_ranch_06. 
  • In POI oldwest_business_12 sleeper stuck between 2 bookshelves. 
  • In POI house_old_victorian_05 nightstand and bed clipping into window ledges. 
  • House_old_modular_06 z fighting on exterior. 
  • Diner_03 density issue on roof. 
  • Diner_03 bathrooms need stall art update (restaurant booths, commercial sink, mirror, easy exit, etc.) 
  • House_old_modular_08 z-fighting on exterior windows 
  • POI canyon_gift_shop has extra blocks. 
  • Survivor_site_09 z-fighting on watch tower. 
  • Fastfood_04 terrain hole under car. 
  • Treasure maps calculate location from 0,0 
  • Confuse does not affect vehicle controls. 
  • Drone can fall under bedrock and get stuck 
  • Junk Drone stay command sync error with clients that could cause multiple drones. 
  • Remove the "and fight" from the Robotic Drone's information localization 
  • Junk Drone case where teleporting away was not creating a nav object for the unloaded chunk. 
  • Handled a case where picking up the junk drone was not fully cleaned up from the player data. 
  • NRE caused by highlighted text in inventory search field 
  • UI button hover scale effect only playing once per button per game session 
  • Playtest and give feedback on countrytown_business_13 The Dead Rooster 
  • HUDStatBar not working with "statcurrent" for "ActiveItem" when holding a paintbrush 
  • Playtest and give feedback on countrytown_business_06 Ruby's 
  • Downtown_filler_30 (TIER3, clear, search): sleepers showing through ceiling and birdnest clipping through awning 
  • Workbench not crafting multiples of items correctly if output slots full and placed directly into player inventory. 
  • Workbench duplication bug 
  • Can not shoot through bunkBedFrame 
  • Pathing incorrect ladder height check if open to sky 
  • SMG and Desert Eagle  holosight location update. 
  • Adjusted collision to close out gap between the door and the frames of all cellar doors and shutters that allowed player interaction behind them 
  • Inconsistent resources and scaling on military armor recipes 
  • AK47 and Pump Shotgun  holosight location update. 
  • Tactical AR  holosight scope offset for dot alignment. 
  • Holosight dot position updates for Iron Crossbow and Compound Crossbow 
  • Holosight dot position updates for Lever Action Rifle and AutoShotgun 
  • Structural Integrity is not recalculating when block pillar is recreated 
  • Slightly tweaked Scope Camera offsets and dot placement for Reflex scope on pipeShotgun 
  • Playtest and give feedback on countrytown_business_13 The Dead Rooster 
  • Missing textures and sleeper volume issues in downtown_filler_13 based on player feedback. 
  • Sniper Rifle  holosight dot update. 
  • Attempting to generate a world with Seed: ActableCravings results in a KeyNotFoundException 
  • Scrolling too fast in part selector causes NREs 
  • Show Stability could show old colors 
  • Playtest and give feedback on commercial_strip_01 
  • Using Advanced Generation to generate a 4k world results in an Argument Out Of Range Exception 
  • Cellar door and shutter open/close issue 
  • Explosion of water fix would cause chunk regen to never resume 
  • ChangeBlocks handling of clusters with recursion 
  • Farm_07  mispainted texture in kitchen cabinet next to stove 
  • Achievements aren't working 
  • Switching between Steam offline mode and online within one save game results in different player profiles/saves 
  • Restore power host melee desync 
  • Z-fighting on exterior windows at house_old_bungalow_11. 
  • In POI motel_01 sleepers in final room do not spawn until after player is inside room 
  • Door unlocked in house_old_victorian_01 
  • House_mansard_06 unstable cellar door 
  • Z-fighting and missing paint at POI bank_01 
  • Exit sign in courthouse_med_01 is too low. 
  • Floating TV's in bank_01. 
  • Bank_01 z-fighting 
  • Action_time_shift index out of range. 
  • Using Twitch teleports while in a workstation UI does not close the UI. 
  • Added missing IndexName property for chandelierLight to work with restore power quests 
  • Origin shift could cause objects to fall through world 
  • Vehicles and drones are using repair kits without showing the minus inventory icon on the HUD
  • Path node otherheight bad in cabin_11 


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Today we have b6 available for you.

We have a fix for the newly introduced crashes that were reported and much more.


Here's what changed since b5:


A20.1 b6 Changelog



  • AI destroy area is canceled when damaged by an entity 


  • Updated colliders and xml on all arrow slits to work like iron bars 
  • Yes Arlene, it's time to take the Christmas tree down! Removed Christmas themed items from loot. 
  • Updated bombshelter_02 based on feedback.
  • Improved AI destroy area trigger percents/distances, stun handling and capped spread to allies 
  • TerrDestroyedWoodDebris now harvests 1,2 wood instead of 3 to be better aligned with the cost of frame shape blocks 
  • Mmetal_weak to Mmetal on stoves to match other appliance HP pools 
  • Increased the max HP from 5 to 100 on lootable backpacks, duffle bags, sports bags, and purses to help prevent premature loot loss 
  • Disabled graphics jobs 
  • Added quick exit keyrack to POI oldwest_business_13. 


  • Using action_teleport_landclaim with no landclaims down causes null reference spam. 
  • Arrow slit AI exploit ("Zombie Forcefield". Other shapes/rotations can/will allow setups like this, but they are not nearly as convenient) 
  • Falling ragdoll ground hits did not do damage or AI handling 
  • Imposter issues on rwg_tile_downtown_t 
  • Missing textures, Added food helper piles to kitchens, adjusted sleeper volumes based on player feedback in downtown_filler_12. 
  • Lot_industrial_14 sand pile made of sandstone. 
  • In POI house_old_bungalow_09 bed frame clipping through window trim. 
  • Origin shifting before the player spawns 
  • Gameevent teleport can now teleport relative to player facing. 
  • Only Usable property for twitch actions can now be set to VIPs. 
  • Updated missing paint on attic ceiling corners in house_burnt_01 
  • Updated missing paint on attic ceiling corners in house_old_bungalow_06 
  • Having a full inventory and equipping a tool or weapon deletes currently selected hotbar item 
  • Player bedroll and vehicle locations are displayed in the console 
  • Deleted two utility poles in the trader tile to remove an exploit 
  • Occasional NullRef's when decapitating wolves, mountain lions and deer as client on dedicated server 
  • Door near loot room was unlocked in POI oldwest_business_13. 
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