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WIP - "Magical" floating steampunk-ish dirigible


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First, let me apologize for the video - I'm having to use a little NUC PC until I can get my main rig fixed up - this little thing dosen't have a lot of oomph to it.... ;)


So, this is a WIP I've been working on.  There's no mod being used - this works in Vanilla.  It is using an exploit in the game - which hopefully TFP won't take away.  It can only be done in the Prefab Editor, so folks won't be able to use this trick in-game.  This is not the glass sheet or the two-layer floating tricks - it's something more stable and allows you to provide support to your builds that are invisible to both the players and the zombies.  It can be exposed if you use weapons that have area damage (grenades, molotov's, cop spit, etc).


This exploit is really useful for prefabbers when you need to span long distances with blocks - that by themselves - do not have the required structural integrity.   



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