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Bear's A20 Simple Server Side Modlets


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Introducing Bear's Server Side Modlets


Bear's Big Chickens and Rabbits A20 

  • Increases size of Chickens and Rabbits (Replaces all Chickens and Rabbits in game)
  • Increases the HP of Chickens and Rabbits to 100
  • Increases the XP Gained from killing Chickens and Rabbits to 300
  • Adds Eggs when Chickens are harvested
  • Increased Meat, Feathers, and Leather


Bear's Starter Bundle A20 - Adds a starter crate that is automatically given to new players

What's in the Bundle?

  • 20 Boiled Water
  • 20 Spaghetti
  • Bicycle
  • Level 1 Pistol
  • 500 Rounds of 9mm Ammo
  • 4 Repair Kits
  • 4 First Aid Bandages


Bear's Super Slugger and Quest A20 - Adds a new Baseball Bat variant and Quest

The Slugger

  • Kills everything in one hit
  • Uses No Stamina
  • Increased Attack Speed
  • Does not require repairs...Ever

The Quest

  • Titled "Babe Ruth's Weapon of Choice"
  • Appears Immediately after the trader has been located for Basic Survival Intro Quests
  • Requires Gathering 1000 Wood
  • Requires Crafting "The Slugger"
  • Rewards 10000 XP


Bear's Vehicle Speed Boost

  • Increases the minimum and maximum speed of all vanilla vehicles
  • Reduces fuel consumption



If you like my work and want to see more, please visit https://www.OroGaming.com to stay up to date on all things Oro!


This page will be updated as I release more.  Stay Tuned!


You're free to alter these XMLs to what ever suits your needs (Please leave author information in the modinfo.xml).  Enjoy! Have fun.

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