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Vindicator's A20 Modlets


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     Welcome one, welcome all! This is to hopefully be a central hub for any and all 7DtD mods I make. I'm a more casual player, so in terms of mods, some may be more balanced, others less. Everything I make is for the sake of either my own fun or trying to make things more fun for others. Without further ado, onto the mods. All A20 mods will be available on GitHub as they are each finished:

(And please, be merciful. I'm new to modding this game, but do point out any eissues if and/or when you encounter them so I can do my best to resolve them.)

Attribute Condenser

     This mod is made with a single purpose - freeing up the attribute tabs under the perk tree to accommodate other mod-added attributes. Made after adding three attribute-adding mods, which gave an 'index out of range' error. Use as you see fit, all you Lam's Mod, Perk Mastery, and Prestige Perks users.


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