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BadPanda - Complete Server Manager


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BadPanda Complete Server Manager
https://discord.gg/wJmeZzaRP5 - our discord!


A bit about BadPanda
Bad Panda Server Manager is the next generation in server management. It has a modular design to allow server administrators to pick the features they want for their systems. Building on the experience from work on previous server managers the team has devised a system full of features and quality of life improvements for server admins to give better player experience. Integration with the Web Panel will allow for control of your server remotely without needing to enter the game. The web integration gives a huge amount of insight into what is happening on your servers and allows for easy one-click management of your players and server gameplay system & economy.


Airstrike Video 1 & Airstrike Video 2

Panel Teaser

Features & Website



Treasure Hunt, Airstrikes, Horde Nights, Bounty Hunter,  and more tools and commands for your server!

Mod Link:
A20 https://badpanda.app/dl/BadPanda-a20-latest.zip
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**BadPanda-A20.0.10 - Released...**

**Added** :star: Descriptions to chathooks 
    ex: /airstrike - Sends an airstrike on target/coords. 
    ex: /bed - teleports you to bedroll.

**Added** ability to set descriptions to custom chathooks 
    ex: /customcommand - my description here

**Added**  players waypoints to /commands /help 

**Added**  available location teleports to /commands /help 

**Added**  playerkillingmode, landclaimonlinedurabilitymodifier & landclaimofflinedurabilitymodifier to locations 
    usage: set locations to be pve/pvp mode, enable/disable raiding

**Removed**  bp-pvezone (can be controlled through locations now)

- Link https://badpanda.app/dl/BadPanda-a20-latest.zip
- You can now install it via: Rental Provider or Yourself.

Panda Team,

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BadPanda Complete Server Manager
BadPanda-A20.0.11 - Released...

Added bp-removebedrockping <-- enable/disable the sound of bedrock ping.

Added bp-healplayer

Added Team Death Match Game - Released & Including, Custom Arena Prefab Done By (Twisted Minds ServerTeam)

Fixed  PlayerEventMod error fixed

Fixed export folder location to use the same as vanilla export

Fixed  compatibility with csmm discord

- Link https://badpanda.app/dl/BadPanda-a20-latest.zip
- You can now install it via: Rental Provider or Yourself.


- Link https://badpanda.app/dl/TDM-Prefab.zip
Panda Team,

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