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A20 - Leveling is now pointless

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On 1/12/2022 at 9:10 AM, Boidster said:


Broadly speaking, yes! "Random" numbers in programming are almost always pseudo-random, based on a seed value. If you know the seed value, you can determine the sequence of "random" numbers that will result. In nearly all applications where randomness is required, this is sufficient. If you:

  1. Know the seed
  2. Know the exact algorithm used to produce 'random' numbers
  3. Know the probabilities for all potential loot items in all containers you want to search

Then you could deterministically work your way through a game looting exactly the right containers at exactly the right time to get the "best" loot for each search.


Reminds me of why my father had me tie the system time in as the "seed" when setting up a random number generator program for giggles using Basic. Without the floating starting point the resulting sequence was exactly the same every time the program was run.

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9 minutes ago, yisssnakk said:

Okey dokey...just to comment to the OP in this meandering thread...


If I had a complaint about loot progression (which I do not!), it would be that, contrary to the OP's experience, I'm finding all kinds of useful and necessary items early game that I never used to. I get my beaker from the trader after 10 quests, found tons of schematics in (as stated earlier) in trash heaps, and better tools and weapons in general than I remember ever finding this early in A19.


Either way, I've paid way more for way less game and this one keeps me coming back (steam tells me I've wasted almost 9 months at this game --->7000 hours since A15 or so)

I will say in my 3 runs (SP and MP) of A20 I haven't found it to be that difficult to find good gear pretty early. Beakers, acid, weapons, ammo, it's all plentiful in my opinion.  And when I want higher level/better stuff I just go to the snow or wasteland.  It may be me getting lucky, but I haven't had much of an issue with stuff.  I mean in my MP server (all vanilla) I have 2 chem stations, and around 20 acid with 6-7 beakers left over. Also, everyone has multiple chem stations, beakers and acid on the server. I haven't purchased a single chem station.  I do buy any beaker and all acid I see at traders and have looted a many of them as well. 

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