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merchant's correction idea


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I would like to suggest that you make some adjustments to the balance of the game.
merchants make the game too simple for several reasons, I will describe a little:
P.S. I have no experience in game development, of course, and I don’t know how many difficulties there are in innovations
1- all problems from tasks, setting the loot to 67%,after 10 days in the game I found few weapons, they were no higher than 3-4 quality.
 But the merchant often rewards items of 5-6 quality as a reward for the task. in the garbage I found weapons from pipes, and the merchant gives me a hunting rifle and ak-47 for 3 days already.
2- in a day (120 minutes) I completed 4-5 tasks before nightfall
3- for completing tasks on day 11, I had:
6 qualities: m60, assault rifle, iron and cloth armor, ratchet, many miner's helmets
5 qualities: steel axe, steel shovel, steel pickaxe, composite bow (crucible is still a dream, but I already have steel tools)

to understand the following, for example, let's assign a grade to the weapon
Grade 1 - pipe weapons, bow, cloth armor
Grade 2 - 9mm pistol, short shotgun, improved bow, scrap metal armor
Grade 3 - ak47, hunting rifle, pump action rifle, leather armor
Grade 4 - assault rifle, bolt rifle, magnum, MP5, steel armor
Grade 5 - desert vulture, m60, sniper rifle, automatic shotgun, grenade launcher, army armor, night vision device


As I see the fixes.
1- limit the merchant so that in one day he would give 5 tasks to choose from, but after completing 1-2 he stopped issuing them,
   for example, to make a chance that after the completion of the task there is a 30% chance that it will be possible to take another one, and after the second there is a 3% chance for the third. There are only three types of quests: buried supplies, bring and clean, restore electricity at night
2- reward for the task, for example, he gives the task to bring supplies, supplies can be made of several types, for example:
   military supplies, medicines, provisions, tools, engineer notes (the type of supplies will be determined randomly when they are found)
   which will affect the reward for example like this:
- military supplies - 2 + 1 types of awards, 1 option for armor/weapons, 2 option for random ammo rewards, option 3 appears with a 10% chance and it will have a modification for weapons/armor
- medicines 2 + 1 option, in option 1, healing agents (bandage, splint, first-aid kit), option 2 pills, option 3 appears with a 10% chance of alchemy blueprint
- provisions 2 + 1 options, 1 option raw meat / vegetables, 2 option canned food, 3 option appears with a 10% chance of the recipe for food
- tools 2 + 1 options, 1 option is a random tool or modification for a tool, 2 option is wood / clay / metal and other resources associated with construction, option 3 appears with a 10% chance of a blueprint workbench / concrete mixer / tools,
- engineer notes 2 + 1 options, 1 option, a random blueprint of a lamp / switches / relays / stretchers, etc., 2 option blueprint of generators / battery blocks / turrets / gates / transport upgrades and others, option 3 appears with a 10% chance and contains a blueprint for random vehicle parts/vehicle

tasks level 1 reward: 85%/15% chance for 1/2 grade
tasks level 2 reward: 60%/30%/10% chance for 1/2/3 grade
tasks level 3 reward: 15%/55%/25%/5% chance for 1/2/3/4 grade
tasks level 4 reward: 40%/40%/20% chance for 2/3/4 grade
tasks level 5 reward: 35%/35%/20%/10% chance for 2/3/4/5 grade

There is a very lack of reason for changing old weapons, for example, the loss of properties during repair by 5-10%, for example, a bow with 50 damage after repair will be 46, after the second repair 43, after 3 already 41
or, alternatively, the loss of maximum strength by 15-20%, for example, at 20% 6 quality the gun has 500 strength, after 5 repairs it will already be 163.84
this mechanic will force you to develop craft and stock up on spare weapons.

Pipe weapons must open with specialization skills, weapons of grade 2 and higher only with blueprints
Skills will only affect the quality of the weapons produced

The skill that increases the rewards for the task very much requires processing, it seems to me that it should affect the chance of 3 reward options + 3% per level, and + 3% per level for the chance to take another task.
At the moment, there is no point in the game to explore the world, there are so many tasks that it takes the whole day to complete them, and the reward in them is better and easier to achieve.

There are a lot of thoughts and ideas, suddenly you read this text and something becomes interesting to you, I will be glad to share ideas, I am ready to think over new ideas or modify current ones.
I do not know English, I used a translator, I apologize in advance for any possible mistakes. Thank you for your attention.

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