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Idea for7 Days ti Die


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I don't think they want you to have endless eggs and meat. Farming did just get some road bumps added to reduce the early food abundance so I don't see them buffing eggs and meat.


However, I think I saw a modlet that adds chicken coops in addition to some other things here on the mod forum, and I know at least one other modder is working on a husbandry mod though I don't know what the details of that will be. Telric has a fishing mod on his page for more food acquisition options, but be prepared to catch a lot of old boots until you get your bait situation sorted.


There are also some modlets that increase egg a bit (JaxTeller718 has one here, which adds eggs to fridges and adds the possibility of getting an extra egg in nests, and I've seen others), and you can spec into skills to increase meat yields from hunting. 


I do feel your pain, though. I used to play with loot on 200% mostly because of eggs but with Jax's modlet I no longer do that. 

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