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StayClear (No Sleeper Respawn) A20


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2 hours ago, ExtremeLurker said:


I'm glad to hear it. I've 3 different little tips.


  • The best way to mark things is to open your map and add a waypoint to the POI you've cleared, choose the X icon, and leave the name blank. Doing this, you can open up your map in game and X's will be over the houses you've cleared. The drawback to this method is that your compass at the top of the screen gets super cluttered with X's


Fix for that also as there is a mod that will declutter the compass





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9 hours ago, XanderArizona said:

no  matter what i do i cannot upload this to my dedicated server as its a .dll file, and honestly i really want to use it but unfortunately most server hosts dont allow these types of files...


That's unfortunate. This is the way you are required to distribute C# modifications and is the official way of doing so. If your host does not allow you to upload .dll files, the only mods you'll be allowed to use are XML modlets :classic_sad:

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I have noticed a couple of PoIs to have Zs back,  the only other mod I have is declutter compass.  Should I move yours to top of the mods folder so it loads first?


Edit:  Hmm I dont see a way.  In Windows the folder dont change location.  BTW, I do have no loot respawn.

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