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Please add an AFK/Idle kick and improve logging


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As an admin of a popular(?) server, one of my biggest requests is for an AFK/Idle player automatic kick. We are small fish in the 7D world but I'm sure this is a problem for every server operator. Our 24 player server is frequently full yet every blood moon and every meal time, players will go for an extended AFK and hog a connection slot, meanwhile we're getting hammered in Discord by people complaining the server is full. Of course there will always be enterprising people who find a way to game the system but a relatively simple interactivity tracker should help immeasurably.


Secondly, the logs the game provides are extremely sparse. There will always be players that prefer to rain on someone else's parade. Our servers are carebear style PVE and it's problematic when conflict-preferring players visit to make trouble. Right now we're having to rely on 3rd party bot-hosted logging to find out things like "who managed to find a way to grief this player" or "who planted 100 trees here?" Better logging and a way to easily identify player ownership of structures would be greatly appreciated.

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