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Looking for a true vanilla server.


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I'm not sure why, but so many multiplayer servers have a bunch of immersion breaking mods that make the game super easy, like XP and loot multipliers, server currency for donors, teleports, etc. and I'm assuming it's to get donations for their servers.  Well, I'm not donating for easy mode.


I'm looking for a Vanilla server (at least medium difficulty (Nomad/Warrior/Survivalist).  That's it.  No teleports, no Donor Cities, no multipliers, no bots that give me coins for playing.  You know, the apocalypse.  A server where everyone has the same rough time.  Where people build shops all over the map, maybe get together and do the horde and quests.  But no invincible public horde bases.  No 100 slot backpacks.  You get the point.  I mean if there's just a minor tweak or two I can live with that because I want to be *slightly* flexible.


Anyone running a server like this that has regulars playing?  We want to be a regular on your server too, and we'll certainly donate to help with costs (there's 2 of us).


And for those that say "just don't use the mods", that's not going to work for me because that creates two groups of people on the server.  I tried that and it ends up with people expecting me to teleport around the map to meet them, and it makes for an empty world because everyone is centralized and has their own traders, etc.  There used to be servers like this, but they seemed to have either left or sold out to the donors.


Anyone else want the apocalypse experience?







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Hi RyanX,


Our friendly Community Create a small 32 Slot (Later maybe more) vanilla Server (No Mods or Multipliers) few days ago.

We'll probably set the degree of difficulty up in the future. He is currently 3.


The server is not very well known jet and i can't guarantee a full server, but we have a lot of fun there with 8-10 Players until now.


The integration into our homepage is not finished to 100% jet and the welcome message is still missing.

You can find all information about the server settings (Rules Dropdownbox) here:




Your'e welcome to Join...


Greetings Flux

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If you are still looking for a server. I play on All Night Gamers - Jericho. No mods of any kind at all, it's the vanilla experience. Though our server does get full at times due to a player cap of 25. If it's full, our server admin did spin up Necropolis. Same difficulty on both of Survivalist.


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