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Reworking skills (and books) for bits


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I am from Ukraine (all text has been translated, so there may be inaccuracies)

Thug Pete

  • No more bonuses for consecutive hits

(to kill most zombies, this bonus is not needed, because by the time you pump the skill for bits to level 5, if you do not kill a zombie with 2 hits, he will have so few health points that he can be killed without this bonus)

  • Instead of increasing damage to stunned enemies: after stunning or dismembering an enemy, damage is increased by 3 seconds
  • bonus for 5th level: chance of stunning = chance of stunning + chance of knockdown the enemy (without knockdowns)

(sometimes parts of enemies fall under the texture)

  • OR: if you knock over the enemy, he is stunned
  • reduce the chance of knockdown on fallen enemies with an increase in the skill level, so that it does not reach 100% at level 5
  • (Possibly): Reducing damage bonus after stunning an enemy, because the stun will occur much more often


  1. without changes
  2. if within 3 seconds after receiving damage to dismember the limb of the enemy, the player will return 40% of the lost health
  3. next to enemies there are no minuses from dislocated and broken limbs, these wounds do not worsen, and for hitting the enemy -1 minute to dislocations and fractures
  4. without changes
  5. without changes
  6. without changes
  7. without changes (I think no one does them, but other weapons also have such books, so ok)

(or you can let the player set 2 bit bonuses at the same time (chain, spikes, wire))

Bonus for a complete set of books


useless, because there are 2 skills that bring a total of +60 stamina points for fatal blows (sexy Tyrronasaurus and a flurry of blows)

Instead of this

each kill increases your running speed by 20% for 20 seconds
(perfect for the slugger role... unlike machine-gunner)


In my opinion, slowing down one enemy (hitting the legs) is useless, because it is unlikely to find this book at the beginning of the passage, and at a later stage of the game it is easier to just hit 1-3 times in the head.



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