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Craftable, brittle beakers


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Right now, a lot of crafting - even lower level stuff - is gated behind acquiring a beaker which is extremely hard to come by.


I think it would be nice if there were a way to accomplish crafting that is just more costly until a beaker can be found.


Forge a non-stacking Cooling Beaker from the same materials as Bulletproof Glass. Then if the Cooling Beaker is not treated within 30 seconds after crafting it shatters to Broken Glass or just becomes a simple Glass Jar. While it's still hot, process it with some number of Bottle of Acid and Pure Mineral Water to make a tiered beaker that has a chance (like 50% reduced by 5% per tier) to shatter when used for crafting.


Now you have an expensive, hard-to-craft, and breakable item that can help players accomplish crafting prior to obtaining a factory-made Beaker that will eliminate the need for the costly and fragile version.

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