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I created some time ago a military bunker base on hmm.. well let say it is really close to what you would find in reality.

It is a multilevel stackable underground bunker, with functional sewer system and air vent system (and at some level they are the only option to move around the hordes..)

I have a whole story and different difficulty levels ready to be set, but I would love to know if people would actually be interested in it.


Issue I have at the moment is that build is so big, it doesn't load entirely when I add it to a map. I am probably doing it wrong.


It is currently in 4 prefab files; Access from outside trough a building to make the insertion process easier, Main garage - Lobby - Guard post, first and second level.


The bunker is built like "blocks" and can be stack up and down, each level can also be extended on 3 side. It include sewer system and vent system interconnecting with each other and trough each level trough escape hatch and ventilation system. each section is 32 different rooms... so complete project would be over 180 different rooms following the current plan.


Anyway if someone is interested and want to help me out a bit I can send the prefab files so we can test those parts and at least know it is actually possible to load it in a map.

I ran test on the prefab files themselves and they are functional and updated to A20.


there is some challenges where I will need help from more advance Modder, like one of the level being mostly underwater (sump pump have failed) and some where I would love to connect the lights on a specific level to their generators (Idea is the user can fill them up and have x amount of time to scavenge before it run out and your stock in the dark..)

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