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Buildable prefabs and small structures


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It would be cool if we could pre-build small structures like tents or sheds. They could either be a single object taking up multiple cubes (like workbenches and fridges), or a "construction blueprint" that is built out of existing blocks, but in one go.


Ideas for these:


  • Tents - Functions as a storage chest and bedroll in one. You can drop one on the outskirts of a town to use as a respawn/drop off point. They could also be used in player bases to add more visual appeal. Could come in different sizes: a 2x2 2-man tent, a 4x3 10 man or military tent. Maybe even a marquee?
  • Sheds - Small, medium and large varieties of sheds that could be used for storage and visual appeal in a base. 3x2, 4x3? Could either be a single object structure, or a prefab made of existing items with a couple of storage containers in it.
  • Barrier types - 3x2 walls like the wrecked car barriers around some of the POIs you can explore


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I would like to be able to save the structures (housing, fortifications, traps systems) as a finished blueprints. So that, when choosing it, a list of necessary resources appears, and, if enough, it was possible to place an object on the ground, like a regular multi -block. Moreover, these blueprints could be created either by your own and buy from a merchant or find. Sometimes the construction of cubes is a little protracted, and changing the dynamics of the game.

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