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Just a few things about Alpha 20


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I started a new game ofc. The game is good so far but noticed two things.


1. Can not pick up stones inside of trader's area.

2. Lighting too dark in shade. I will go out on a sunny day and walk into some shade from a tree. I feel like I have to flip on a light to see. 

3. No wind sound in the game.  I can hear storms but not wind. I see tree's branches blowing but I don't hear the wind. Would be great to hear it. 

Thats it. 

Thanks guys. 

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1. Trade zones are protected from both harvesting, other than loot in containers, and having things built on them. Been that way for a couple of Alphas or more.

2. It's how they've implemented the transition from lit to unlit areas. Drives me nuts too but it may be a game engine limitation.

3. It'd be nice, but with how the game hiccups as the music "tracks" cycle I'm loathe to see it implemented.

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