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A20 - Power attack or not power attack, that is the question! (Tools version)


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Hy folks, im returning since the a19 experimental and im catching up with the informations...


My doubt is, when using a tool (Wrench, Fire Axe, Iron Pick, etc..) to gather materials, using power attack helps speed up or it waste part of the material? 


Like, if i hit 10 times with light attack i destroy the "target" and get something like 100 iron

But if i hit 3 times with power attack i destroy the "target" but i get like 80 iron

numbers made up for the example!


Is this a thing?


And for complex targets, like cars, hiting with power attack lowers the chance to get secondary itens? (engines, batteries, lamp, etc..)


Thanks for the help.

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57 minutes ago, Morloc said:

I had understood that doing so initiated a bash with the tool. No?

A19 info, but the game doesn't really know the difference. Only the tool type (wrenches vs anything else) counted. As in, you would get the same amount of mats per item regardless of attack type.


As for the OP.. well, I could describe A19, but go ahead and test it out, tell us what you found.. :)

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17 hours ago, theFlu said:

As for the OP.. well, I could describe A19, but go ahead and test it out, tell us what you found.. :)


Please describe, probably didn't changed from there 🙂


@Morloc You can and at the sime time seems that you can't... it doesn't have a special animation but it does more damage and seems to give more itens per swing, but with the randoness it is difficult to determine if the total materials are the same or worst from simple hits.


For boulder and trees the materials seems to be the same, but with wrench i have serious doubts.. i dont know if the secondary mats (engine, battery, radiator) rolls chance to drop per swing or have another factor...

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6 hours ago, Hameshy said:

Please describe, probably didn't changed from there

To be honest, I'd rather not anyone rely on A19 info, since they changed multi-stage blocks quite a bit. For example, a reinforced iron hatch is still three stages, but the first stage shows 3000 health, and breaks to the next stage at 2000. This may mostly be a visual upgrade, but it could have had an impact on the harvesting. Furthermore, I think they changed at least the stages of harvest from a car, I think I saw an engine dropping from the last stage, while earlier it was the middle of the middle stage only.


But ok, a simple version from A19:

The only things that mattered to your harvest total were the block type (a car, a corpse), tool type (a pick, a knife) and your various buffs (skills, candy, etc).

For each swing with a proper tool, the game would count a proportion of the "total harvest", according to the proportion of the damage done (damage done to block / block max HP.) When you went over the max HP of the block, it would only yield as much as a swing with that exact damage would have yielded. And add the "destruction bonus", when applicable.


So the design intent seemed to be to give each node an equal amount of resources "however fast" you harvest it, as long as the tool is right.


This may have been slightly broken with multi stage blocks, importantly, cars. Doing, say 149 damage, you'd hit through the first stage or a car (300 HP) in three swings, last of the three would do 147 damage to the second stage (the second stage gave a lot more resources, including having a change for an engine at 150/300.) This damage would not yield resources from the 2nd stage, only from the first (and I think it was capped by the hitpoints of the first stage), so you'd essentially lose 147/300 of the gas and parts the second stage was meant to give. I tried avoiding it sometimes by hitting the car with a weapon at suitable times to change the crossover point, but ...


It seems the A20 system has changed somewhat, so please check what you're getting for the first few times at least .. :)

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