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A20 multiplayer launch stuck on "Starting game..."


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Hi all.
I'm having some technical issues with connecting to an Alpha 20 multiplayer game server and I wanted to give a quick rundown of my successes and failures in case anyone has encountered similar things or has any thoughts to offer.


basic system info:
Linix Mint 20.2, kernel 5.11
Intel i9-10900 10 core
AMD Radeon RX 6800 X


I upgraded my Steam copy of 7d2d from A19 to A20. (I kept a backup of my A19 files.) One of our group maintains the 7d2d (and Valheim) server and it has also been upgraded to A20.


We tried A20 out with one of the smaller pregen worlds and everyone got iny. We then made a random gen 10k world that we liked and switched to that.

After getting past being stuck on "Creating player..." ...

(see A20 multiplayer launch stuck on "Creating player...")

...I then got stuck on "Starting game..."

It appeared to others that I was in the game, but my screen never changed. Eventually I lost the mouse and couldn't click anywhere and had to bail.


Searching on this issue suggested that this has happened with random gen worlds (reports of this go back to 2016), so we switched to the PREGEN10K that comes with the game. 


Switching the server to the PREGEN10K world allowed me to get past "Starting game...", but only once. I've seen people talk about 10k maps having issues.

Once in game, I could walk around, but there were other issues. 

See "A20 multiplayer "E" key not working and I fall throught the ground"  


I've done a full uninstall/download/reinstall of A20.


Here's the logs:
Client: https://pastebin.com/JPEMU1qb
Server: https://pastebin.com/81mBPNyT


Any thoughts appreciated,





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