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(A20) HeadshotTime


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Since A20 client mods are now officially supported without the need of DMT, thanks a lot for that!


This mod aims to increase the headshot damage to be able to kill ordinary zombies with one bullet if shot in the head. This works for any damage that is considered piercing damage, bullets, arrows, (probably) spears, excluded are enemies that have armor.



There are a couple of reasons to why I wanted it this way.

1. Bullets and brains do not like each other, so when I shoot something that has a head that holds the brain in it and there is no magic involved and also has no protection then the bullet should be the last thing the enemy will see. So for me this is usually an immersion breaking thing when bullets seem to be as weak as throwing stones at them.

2. The pacing of the game is a bit too slow. If you go with a silenced pistol and are a capable shooter this will change the entire pacing of the game, you can now pretend to be John Wick with precise shots.


Why not XML?

I actually looked at doing it with XML but the damage system in this game is quite complex and I didn't feel comfortable messing with those, I'm a coder and this was straight forward for me.





Source Code



Installation (Client)

1. Download the release

2. Unpack the archive into "%STEAM_PATH%\steamapps\common\7 Days to Die\Mods" folder.

3. Disable EAC, the mod will not load otherwise.

4. Done


Installation (Server)

1. Download the release

2. Unpack the archive into "%STEAM_PATH%\steamapps\common\7 Days to Die Dedicated Server\Mods" folder.

3. Done

NOTE: If you install this on the server the clients will NOT need the mod.

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I am either missing something or stupid (probably both) but this does not appear to work on a dedicated server for me.  The mod, seems to load, as I see the multiplier is set to 66 in the console, but no headshot kills. (works fine in SP)


I even downloaded the source and added some extra debug log statements, but nothing is printed server or client side.

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If I'm using weapons from a mod (Tactical Weapons, for example) will the modifier be applied to those weapons? I am thinking yes because they are probably piercing damage, but wanted to confirm. Also, were the issues with the mod functioning on dedicated servers mentioned in the two previous posts resolved? Thank you.

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