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[A20] Menus Randomly Become Unresponsive

Angry Hedgehog

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Occasionally when entering the crafting menu (via [TAB]) or interacting with a trader I am unable to select anything.  Let me elaborate...

Crafting menu - no response when clicking on anything, not even to go to a different tab such as the character or map screen.  If I go directly to a different tab, such as the map, the game reacts as one would expect...  until I click on the crafting tab.  

Trader - Same basic issue.  I cannot buy or sell, nor change categories, and pressing any character key types in the search box, and I am unable to unselect it.


It does function properly after a restart, but it's an annoyance.

I did a complete uninstall of A19, including confirming the removal of all folders and registry entries, prior to installing A20 so everything is fresh and new.

Other than the mysterious teleporting bicycle, I've had no other issues so far.  Performance is greatly improved, everything looks amazing and RWG is much faster!  Great work!  :)

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