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Trader Quest Based book series

Farrun Dragon

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I would like a book series to supply perks based on quests. Some ideas would be:
Freelancer's Bible: Go from murder hobo to Glorious Hero with this comprehensive guide to avoid contracts while still being trusted to get the job done.
1) The Multitasker: You can keep organized, and they know it. Traders now trust you to take 2 quests at once.

2) Beggars Can't Be Choosers: Traders scrounge for any tasks they need done, offering an extra quest each day.

3) Maybe Beggars Can Be Choosers: If you are whiny enough, the traders will look through their list again. They tend to get used to it if you do it too much though. You can reshuffle quests one a week.

4) Hero Level Quests: Questing if for the legends, and you are a league above. When you get to t5 quests, there is the possibility of a t6 super quest (involves a boss or doubles the amount of clear zombies, etc)

5) Word Travels: Keep your missions on time, and you'll keep your reputation high. If one trader trusts you with t4 or higher quests, other traders will give you t2 without requiring that you earn them,

6) Have Work Ethic, Will Travel: To make sure you don't fall in to a rut, it's a good idea to change things up once in a while. You get a 20% xp bonus for each trader you do a quest for non-consecutively. (trader a gives a normal quest, so the first quest from trader b gets +20%, then trader a or c will give 20% for their next quest)

7) A Full Dance Card: Traders admire timely work, so the more you pack in, the more everyone wins.10% xp bonus for each quest completed that was taken in the same day. 20% max

Full collection perk: Heros Never Die: if you die during a quest, you can still have one re-attempt (if you would have otherwise failed)

Alternative titles:
8 ) Express Order: Overnight shipping is nice, but same day delivery is tops. Get a bonus based on speed of completion for each task (bonus time would depend on distance to mission and tier, as well as task, so a t1 fetch 300m away should take 2 in game hours, while a t4 clear 1km away should take 12. max bonus would be 20% cash or xp

I may add more as they come to me. Eventually I might add an actual formula for 8 too.

Edit: Special thanks to adamdrakon from the discord for their suggestions and input.

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