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epic online services ???


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1 minute ago, avecogollo said:

Why this decision? 

Nothing was said in the patch notes

1. Future cross-platform support. Which was openly discussed by the developers long before the update released.

2. Everything was said in the Patch note. You just need to actually read it.


Server Administration and Multiplayer

To future-proof our game, including allowing us to use the latest anti-cheat and expanding to other platforms later on for future crossplay capabilities, we added Epic Online Services (EOS) to the game. For regular players this should not have any noticeable effect, you do NOT need an account on Epics platforms. EOS only knows your SteamID which is public anyway and matches that to an ID for EOS that is only valid for 7 Days to Die.

The change for server administration is in the user IDs that are used to store data and reference players, i.e. the filenames of user files, IDs in the serveradmin.xml or console output / commands which now refer to the user’s EOS ID.

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I usually play 7DTD in Steam offline mode. And I found today that this Epic Online Service is constantly flooding game console with its http requests. Of course, EOS can't reach its server from my offline PC but it is trying nevertheless.


2021-12-08T22:10:22 4110.137 WRN [EOS] [LogHttp - Warning] 0000017B9A35CD80: invalid HTTP response code received. URL: https://api.epicgames.dev/sdk/v1/default?platformId=WIN, HTTP code: 0, content length: 0, actual payload size: 0
2021-12-08T22:10:22 4110.137 WRN [EOS] [LogHttp - Warning] 0000017B9A35CD80: request failed, libcurl error: 6 (Couldn't resolve host name)
2021-12-08T22:10:22 4110.137 WRN [EOS] [LogHttp - Warning] 0000017B9A35CD80: libcurl info message cache 10 (Could not resolve host: api.epicgames.dev)
2021-12-08T22:10:22 4110.137 WRN [EOS] [LogHttp - Warning] 0000017B9A35CD80: libcurl info message cache 11 (Closing connection 227)
2021-12-08T22:10:22 4110.137 WRN [EOS] [LogHttp - Warning] Retry exhausted on https://api.epicgames.dev/sdk/v1/default?platformId=WIN
2021-12-08T22:10:22 4110.137 WRN [EOS] [LogEOS - Warning] Failed to connect to the backend. ServiceName=[SDKConfig], OperationName=[GetPlatformConfigRoute], Url=[<Redacted>]
2021-12-08T22:10:22 4110.137 WRN [EOS] [LogEOS - Warning] SDK Config Platform Update Request Failed, Result Code: EOS_NoConnection, Retrying after 9.803034 seconds

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