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Loot balance/progression


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I am not sure if that's some kind of config or it's intentional but I feel like loot progress is much faster than A19 and I really dislike it. Iron Pickaxe and Iron Fire axe, we usually get those on day 3/4 (usually only tool without a way to repair it, so we would have to keep it "for special occasion"). Maybe whole loot tiers are changed and that's only a feeling that something is wrong, but we loved the struggle and slow progression of tiers. Right now we feel like we skipped first 2 tiers, we even looted Pipe Machine Gun.


Is that normal? What do you think about such change? Or maybe it can be changed back to A19 style somehow?

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I heavily like it the way it is. It really annoys me sitting there for 2+ minutes just hitting a tree with a stone axe, I'd like to explore more and spend less time grinding.


Slower progression should come from lower EXP gain in the settings. I love the way it feels currently. I'm not rushing quest after quest to get a pistol, shotgun, or AK from the trader by day 3 or 6. I can progress at my own pace and it's very nice.


Plus loot is actually rewarding and I don't have to wait till my gamestage gets to value 20 before I can start looting Working Stiff Tools or a Shotgun Messiah. It was too technical in A19 and I hated it. Everything contained a @%$#ty stone weapon, there was no point in looting anything but kitchens or trader courier supplies.

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I found a full set of iron tools on the first day, with a few spares....


Weird thing was, I didn't go through a bunch of POIs.  I was just exploring the area, looting  things readily accessible outside, trying to locate the trader (I cancel the starting quests), and find a suitable POI to setup on overnight.


I understand why they made the changes, but I agree, I think it is too fast.  Fortunately, I have learned a lot over the past few months on modding so I will just adjust the loot probability tables to my liking 🙂

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Loot is now based on level, biome, tile set and poi tier from what I recall from their explanation on the dev streams.


Biome wise the looting is stage as follows from what I remember, worst to best: forest, desert (and burnt forest in Navezgane), snow, wasteland.


Tile set I think it was: rural, town, city, downtown. (I feel like I'm missing allot of the granularity they put in here)


The enemies you face are also supposed to be adjusted in the same way to add to the challenge for going after the better locations.


So if you're nuts you could try and loot a tier 5 in the downtown of a wasteland city week 1, but don't expect it to be all snuggles and soda pop. 😁

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