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JaxTeller718's A20 Modlets


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Can the 'Car Respawn' mod be tweaked to read the LootRespawnDays from the Server's CFG?? Idea was each type of vehicle == a different rate based off the LRD

EG:  if LRD == 10, wrecks could respawn every 7 days (.7) while Mo-Power every 20 days (2.0)).  Maybe even a range (.6-.9 for wrecks 2.0-2.5 for Mo-Power)??

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On 3/27/2022 at 4:00 AM, Oros said:

I have a question/request. I see you have many working device modlets, and I would like to propose/request one more though I don't know if it is possible. The Yucca Juice Smoothie Recipe is currently only craftable in-inventory, which given my preference for crafting mass batches of food/drinks, would clog my personal queue for quite a while. I play on a server with several others, hence the need for mass batches of stuff. If models are an issue, perhaps the fridge could be made into a working device? It makes a certain amount of sense. If it is possible to use a different model, maybe a blender, with the cooking pot and grill slots replaced with more beakers that speed up crafting?

Edit: I did not read all posts, and I apologize if this comes across as foolish/insensitive.

Well a really simple solution is to just make the craft time faster. I use this in my recipes mod, you can alter the ingredients easy enough. All you really need is the

 craft_time="0"> at the end. You can also adjust that if you want it slower. At 0 it will pump out 100 Yucca Juice Smoothies in a few seconds...like 3-4 seconds or something.

<append xpath="/recipes">
    <recipe name="drinkYuccaJuiceSmoothie" count="1" tags="perkMasterChef,learnable" craft_time="0">
    <ingredient name="foodCropYuccaFruit" count="1"/>
    <ingredient name="drinkJarEmpty" count="1"/>
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i am trying to get the mod slots working on my server i have from gportal. i used filezilla to transfer it over and have installed the mod in the mods folder on steam. it still  is not working. any idea on what i need to do?

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3 hours ago, Achilles0106 said:

Hi, probably a newbie question. 

I want to install harsher death penalties and eggs in fridge mods, I'm playing with friends on server hosted on my end, do I need to install it on everyones PCs or just mine is enough?

Both mods only need to be installed in the Server. The have no Asset and resources only xml.

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On 9/7/2022 at 5:40 PM, 7DaySonney said:

Just an FYI the car re-spawn mod seems to have broken recently as well. All cars re-spawn to stage II white only...

Can someone else confirm?

Nevermind - I have 100% confirmed this. Need to investigate what's changed.

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I was happy to find the Working Stoves modlet. I had been thinking of making something like this. Some things I saw:

  • No recipe to make a workingWoodBurningStoveJT
  • No Creative Menu icon for workingWoodBurningStoveJT
  • No Creative Menu icon for workingCharcoalGrillClosedJT
  • No Creative Menu icon for workingGasGrillClosedJT

I wonder, am I overlooking something? I was kind of hoping to be able to assemble a workingWoodBurningStoveJT in my bases. I see I could upgrade one if there happened to be one present, or I might be able to buy one from a Trader, but I cannot build one.


For WorkingCoffeemaker, there doesn't seem to be a recipe to make these:

  • coffeeMakerJT
  • coffeeMakerCommercialJT

Am I overlooking something?

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On 12/24/2021 at 8:38 PM, JaxTeller718 said:

For me I hate screen prompts. The text is immersion breaking. The actual modlet came about because we had a guy on our server who would run into all the pois and grab every single chair and then make base walls out of them, breaking them for nails at night (we had a modlet that added nails to them) so on order to make it more difficult to gather nails i forced having to break them in a poi. Just adds more time out in the world really. 

I can try to do so, especially will with help from you guys. I do not play on servers much, we co-op and share modlet folders so im not 100 percent sure what pushes to clients. Icons i assume and models are the two big ones that do not.

I don't actually see in your mod list which are Server or Cilent sided, do you have this inside the mod info at all?  Great work and appreciate it

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