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Think about Feral Sense. Think about Buzzards. Think about


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1 hour ago, myrkana said:

if they havent changed it any armor at all reduces the chance of infection by a lot. I use a baseball bat on them :p

I think your armor skill has more to do with that, the greater the skill the more effective your armor is.


A pack of buzzards is going to be an iffy encounter for anybody on day one.

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16 minutes ago, Skullfracture said:

Not to be that guy, but Buzzard and Vulture are not interchangeable. Buzzards are in fact just very large and not terribly picky species of Hawk.






The more you know!

Ah, but if the TFP vulture is based on the Turkey Vulture, then it is indeed both a buzzard and a vulture  😉

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