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Survivors vs Environment | A19 | PVE

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Server Name: Survivors vs Environment (Roleplay Friendly)
Gamemode: PVE
Server Website: https://svecraft.com/
Server Discord: https://svecraft.com/discord
Apply for staff: https://svecraft.com/application/
Join Now: steam://connect/play.svecraft.com:26900
Raw IP:
Vote Rewards: https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/99977/vote/
Interactive Map: http://play.svecraft.com:8082/
Web Shop: https://admin.svscraft.com/


Game Difficulty: Nomand (2/5)
Zombie Move: Walking (0/4)
Zombie Move Night: Nightmare (4/4)
Zombie Feral Move: Nightmare (4/4)
Zombie BM Move: Nightmare (4/4)
Max Land Claims: 4 Total
Land Claim Duration: 14 Days
Drop On Death: Nothing
Max Zombies: 64
Max Animals: 20
Loot Reset: Every 3 game days
Air Drop: Every 1.5 game days

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