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Hello everyone,


I am thinking of getting a dedicated server going again (Pay monthly) and dont want a stock map anymore and fancy something modded, I have for the past month played on the Chinese/Asian servers and they are incredibly modded compared to anything else, does anyone know where they get their mods from or how I can find them in English please for my server?



7d2d from it.JPG

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I’m only aware of this one site, but I think you have to pay to join or something to download anything. There’s lots of mods here that are being “borrowed” from the standard US sites and a lot of them I’ve never seen/heard of before on the normal US sites/places: https://www.7risha.com/


Edit: You can use Google chrome to auto translate the site.

Edit2: I think I found some of my mods there.  I think people are paying to download it. Don't know if I should laugh or cry ;)


for mod translation: I think there’s a translation tool in the “tools” forums, that uses google translate… but I believe the mod has to have a Localization.txt to work with.

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Hmm? Why does this look like an RPG server?
Oh well, I guess I need to explain what a "Chinese RPG server" is.


In Left 4 Dead 2, the Chinese opened up a bunch of RPG servers that had plugins of a magical nature. Simply put, these plugins will turn The Witcher 3 into Fallout 4, or 7 Days To Die into The Witcher 3.

However, that's not the problem, the problem is that the Chinese are selling items in the game! Imagine modifying a 100 level stone axe with a plugin or mods and then selling them openly as an in-game item, while players who access the server might be willing to pay the server admins a huge amount of money for this inexplicable virtual item.


It's similar to the diamond tools in minecraft, but can only be purchased using real currency (元, Yuan, RMB or CNY). I don't know if the developers of 7 Days To Die consider the custom in-game props sold by this group of Chinese to be legal or illegal, but that's not the most serious problem.


In Left 4 Dead 2, this group of Chinese opened a large number of servers that had DDOS defense. Then, they deliberately DDOSing someone else's hosted server to get traffic. To use a simple example, a Youtuber contacts criminals and buys their "DISLIKE" service in order to get more advertising revenue and to make their competitors less weighted. then, these servers (or rather, their competitors) will simply go down and "disappear" because they have no DDOS protection.


In China, DDOS defenses for servers are extremely expensive. As far as I know, DDOS-protected servers cost about 6600 CNY or 13200 CNY or more per month extra for this, which is around 1000 USD to 2000 USD. As a comparison, some VPS service providers in the US and Europe have DDOS defense services for about 10 - 20 USD, and as another comparison, servers that can host Left 4 Dead 2 for 66 CNY (one percent) or less per month.


I'm not sure if 7 Days To Die has an EULA similar to Minecraft's. I hope it has Minecraft's EULA or updates it to a similar EULA and is willing to actively and aggressively block these RPG servers, otherwise the Chinese RPG server admins will surely DDOS other generic 7 Days To Die servers for financial gain. 

By the way, in order to further increase server access, the RPG server admins use broilers to access the server and virtually "idle" a non-existent player on the server to gain weight from the match queue (increasing the likelihood that the match server will assign the player to the RPG server). And not just DDOSing or "DISABLE" other people's servers.


I have not deployed any 7 Days To Die dedicated servers, so I am not sure if they are DDOSing other general servers in close geographical proximity. However, I think it is highly likely that they are DDOSing other general servers, as I have personally been one of the victims of their crimes.
---------- ----

In addition, Valve has not blocked or taken other measures that could target Chinese RPG servers. Just like they turned a blind eye to the third-party gambling platforms and fake tournaments in Dota 2.


[Chinese RPG server administrator is DDOSing my Left 4 Dead 2 dedicated server].



[Chinese RPG server administrators use broilers to increase the likelihood of Left 4 Dead 2 players matching to the server (joining the server midway)]


* Fantasy Killing (幻想杀戮), a (set of) typical RPG servers. Such RPG servers are included in Left 4 Dead 2 in many other ways, such as Godslayer Peak (弑神巅峰).


I don't think most people would use OCR or similar techniques to extract Chinese text from the image, so let me translate what's on this screenshot for good measure.(Not the Google Drive link I posted.)
By the way, to illustrate how outrageous the stuff in this picture is, I've adjusted the exchange rates of the props they sell to match the income and prices in developed countries. Also, I don't want to repeat what it says in full, so the original text is different from the Chinese on the chart.


Also, I used DeepL to translate the Chinese into English.

Anyway, these blatant in-game sales of props are as distasteful to me as the cheat program.


购买请认准苏明 QQ 248568210
- 现金购买的物品在所有(RPG)服务器通用。新的服务器上线时,可联系服务器管理员获得你所购买的道具。

Su Ming server price list
To purchase, please identify Su Ming QQ 248568210
- Cash purchases are common to all (RPG) servers. When a new server comes online, contact the server administrator to obtain the props you have purchased.

* VIP 香烟 - 30 元

* VIP 尊斧 - 30 元

* VIP 尊镐 - 30 元

* 神圣的身体传承书 - 每本 20 元

* VIP 武器配方 - 80 元

* 10 倍属性的超级扳手 - 80 元

* 战利品收益系数增强 level 1 & level 3 - 200 到 600 元

* 额外倍数伤害的装备配件 0.5x & 5x - 100 到 1000 元


[USD Items]
VIP Cigarettes - $15
VIP Axe - $20
VIP Mining Pick - $20
Sacred Body Inheritance Book - $14.99 per book
VIP Weapon's Cookbook - $60
Super Wrench with 10x Attributes - $60
Loot gain factor enhancement level 1 & level 3 - $150 to $400
Extra damage multiplier for equipment accessories 0.5x & 5x - $69.99 to $699.99




【180 / 290 / 490 / 790 / 1090 / 1500 元套餐】
149.99 / 249.99 / 399.99 / 699.99 / 999.99 / 1299.99 USD Package

* Some in-game items, such as a concrete block with as many as ten grids, Or 400 skill points

1500 元套餐

VIP 武器配方
200 技能点
200 经验书
战利品收益系数增强 300%
VIP 地刺 600 个
100k 积分
额外倍数伤害的装备配件 4x (一个)
VIP 召唤台


1299.99 USD Package:

Five-legged upgrade and power
Word of God: VIP Weapon
VIP Weapon Recipes
Ten grids of concrete blocks
200 Skill Points
200 Experience Book
The body that will never be destroyed
Immovable Heavenly Destruction Set
Loot gain factor enhancement 300%
VIP Ground Spikes 600
100k points
Extra multiplier damage equipment accessories 4x (one)
VIP summoning table
Set of exclusive accessories (one)
Two grids of invincible cubes

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My apologies for taking so long to get back to you guys, I didnt get a notification that anyone had replied tbh?


THANK YOU so much for all the input! I also agree fully with 'N3150' in that they shouldnt be charging people for upgrades? its like Sub letting a flat? I wonder if the FUN PIMPS know about it?


I will look at the links you have kindly left for me, 


Thank you once again.

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