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How to use the API the right way?


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Hello Survivors,


i hope I am in the right place/category here.


I'm just thinking about making my own little admin interface, so I can administer my server a little easier.


At the moment, I have very, very much solved via bash console scripts. So establish a connection via telnet and then possibly trigger commands automated via cron jobs or even simply manual bash input in between an ssh-connection. Works in principle and very much is covered by it.


For example, I have the reset of reset zones, mines as well as obsolete claims and distribute gifts and reboots regulated.
It takes an incredible amount of work off my hands.


Long story short.


Now I'm thinking about doing more with the API, but unfortunately I can't find a detailed documentation where all possibilities are listed in detail.


The plan is in the final stage to have a user interface that I would also possibly be operable with the cell phone.

The backend of example Server-Tools and also Botman and CSMM unfortunately do not offer everything I would like to have, and therefore I want to build something myself. Mainly with cURL / PHP ...

Gladly, then also available for everyone.


But before I start, I want to estimate what is possible and if it is worth it.

For this, a documentation or a detailed tutorial would be really helpful.


Of course, if there are other ways to communicate with the server than via the API, please let me know.


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