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New and better electric lamp/light blocks (DMT/Harmony)


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Do you also never use the vanilla in-game electric lights due to either extreme brightness?
Or because they only come with super cold light temperatures? Than I have a solution for you 😇


Another standalone excerpt from my bigger electricity overhaul mod.

https://github.com/OCB7D2D/ElectricityLamps (needs DMT/Harmony!)


Lamps that can individually be configured in-game to be dimmed down or to have another color temperature (or pick any other color). For spotlights you can also configure the emitted light cone angle. It should work either with my overhaul mod or standalone and should also support multiplayer (server and all clients need the mod installed).


Blocks are behind engineering perk level 2 or behind "Basics of Electricity Schematic" (Generator Bank Schematics). Power consumption varies between 2 and 3 Watts per Tick. Note that only lamps within your claim block can be configured! Also note that too many lights can easily strain your GPU 😅 Hope the images are convincing enough 😁



Note: The switch on the left side is a teaser for another mod for push button circuits (press any button in the room to toggle the lights). Wires are hidden via my no-wires mod.


I guess a few have tried to accomplish this, but so far I didn't see any other mod that goes this far. In order to support this nicely I had to create a completely new Block and TileEntity class (I've used ID 244). This in turn makes it very simple now to add new lights based on the new block and recipes XML (see GitHub page for further info).



Feedback for fine tuning of certain options/recipes is welcome!

I've developed and tested this Mod against version a19.6b8.


All the best and good zombie hunting!

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Thx @xyth for the Feedback, was busy this weekend and already got a small update.


I've added 28 MOAR lights to be used. Those who are familiar with  LittleMonstersTV's MOAR Lights Mod can probably already guess what it does. It adds all in-game lights to be crafted by the user and placed into the world (I cranked up the recipe quite a bit to make them a bit more expensive). They are all behind engineering perks of different levels and the road barricade needs a "special perk". See the GitHub page for further information:






### Version 0.5.1


- Added `LightOrientation` option to realign spotlights
  Finally was able to switch the ceiling fan light to use a
  spotlight that properly points down (looks much better).


### Version 0.5.0


- Fixed light range being constantly overwritten by LightLOD
- Fixed rotation in the unity3d file, meaning your existing lights
  will have the wrong rotation once loaded again. Only solution
  is to pick them up and place them again.
- Added new flag `PowerDontConnect` for lantern edge-case


I really think the switch to spotlights should greatly improve visual appearance:




Note that the ugly reflection at the ceiling is gone (check overview image above to see the difference).

Will probably look out for other to change too, but will also need to see if there is a performance impact.
It might even be possible to apply this method also to vanilla lights (those in POIs) ...


Have a nice Sunday and happy zombie hunting!




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Nicely done!  Lighting REALLY makes a huge graphical update to the game... if you've ever run around the game without your overbearing headlamp on you'll absolutely notice a difference when it comes to things looking more realistic and less washed out.  There's your next thing to work on - fixing the head and weapon lights 😂

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not realy sure if this mod is A20.3 (b3) compatible or not. On the Github Page it sais it should be A20 compatible, but i encountered a very strange bug with Multiplayer (Hosting & Dedicated Server).
when placing lamps, and playing with others (or alone on a server) you encounter a heavy jumping around. After a bit trying around i found out, it was related to the new lamps.

installed Electricity mods:

other installed mods:
Bdubs Vehicles 

(Everyone had the same mods installed of course)

Additional Information about the 7d2d installation:
Copied a own installation over the ModLauncher, that BepInEx doesn't affect the original files, and added the mod files manually, started the game once that BebInEx got installed & restarted the game. 

Everything else works fine and i don't get any crash logs etc, on singleplayer it also works fine.
unfortunate when i host either directly (or play over a server), the clients get weird issues. The lamps get for the clients placed/loaded double which cause glitching of the player with jumping heavily up&down.
noticeable when destroying the lamp as not a host, you destroy the lamp, and there is a second lamp. 
when playing local and host, the glitching issue that jumps the player up & down affects hosts & clients. but the host itself does not see the double lamps, only other player.
when playing on a server, there is no "Host-Player" but every player get affected by the glitch-jumping and double lamps.

on local hosting the issues of the double lamp was:
a placed lamp (no matter if placed a previous session or before player joined or after the player joined)
When i, as Host destroyed the lamp, no issues, the lamp was gone for Host & Client
when a friend, as client destroyed the lamp, the lamp was destroyed for me as Host, but for the client the lamp was still visible, then again a hit and destroyed it fully for the client, while it looked for me as host like air/nothing got destroyed. but the destroy sound was still there.
additionally, when he pressed E on the lamp, before destroying it, it got again destroyed and was again still there (tripple lamp, multiple times repeatable with the same land) while it was for me as Host the whole time already destroyed with the first time.

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Sorry, haven't seen the previous post.
Yes, unfortunately this mod has issues with multiplayer.
I already looked into it and it's unfortunately not easy to fix.
Did start to create a proper fix, but that will take some more time.

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Posted (edited)

I found a bug: if you place one of the new lamps on a half block, it shines on the backside through the block. But great Mod so far! I love it!


Edit: It has no shadows on the backside... no matter which block.spacer.png

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That is correct, that mod is not UL compatible and I don't believe anyone ever claimed it is!?
To be clear, I don't intend to improve this mod much further as it has issues in Multiplayer.
Of course anyone is free to come up and add the required item/recipe changes locally.
But as I said, I will not provide UL compatibility for this mod myself, sorry.

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