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Attributes Perks skillsets and Profiles


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I once played a game online for 15 years 97' to 2012', the name is not important,
although it is still online.  It had an adjustable but rather rigid approach to
attribute separation. It worked initially with a slider, but only focused on 3
attributes, Strength,Dexterity,and Intellect.


There was also an absolute attribute and skill cap.


On character creation you could focus on strength, it would not allow the others
to go to 0 instead i think it was close to 15ish, and vice versa. I had 5 characters
that I would start with different ratings, depending on what i intended to do for the
day, I would log on with that character.


There was a strength dex int requirement for each weapon you wield, each skill to progress
effectively. Once the Cap was reached, your character was complete. strength was for HP,
digging, heavy arms and armor, fighting slow overpowered creatures. Dex was for using the
bow and arrow, spears, and fighting humanoids, intel made specialty weapons and was the only
one that could repair them, it also made the medicines.


Each of the 58 skills learned was strictly used to advance a specific attribute, no bleed.
The skill cap also meant that you could not specialize in every skill associated with that
attribute, between 75 and 100% you saw bonuses when that skill was used.


7DTD has 5 attributes  Perception, Strength, Fortitude, Agility/Dexterity, Intellect.
Supportive perks/skills. The main differences are the expanded upper limit or cap, and a
single dedicated player normally assigned to a created world.


So inherently each player, must strive to learn and earn nearly all perks and become a jack
of all trades. They just choose a different starting path each play-through, but end up with
nearly the same build each time. This limits other potential choices.


This is not a request, because Ive learned to adapt and temper my desire for specific outcomes,


My request would be two actually in vanilla. The first is to allow a person to create additional
starting profiles. 5 to be exact, it would allow for variances in play with each logon. Today if
they were playing COOP. They may want to be the cook, or hunter or miner or builder. On Horde night
they may want to be a fighter or defender. With a separate profile that shares in the loot location
but keeps their own backpack resources, they could role-play each character, with each being a
specific build focus.


The second request would deal with specialized animations and abilities that would be regulated
by upper tier attribute achievements. Examples: Agility at upper tier a spear may be able to do
a spinning move. Although a strength build would be able to use a spear, it would have degraded
DPS, and not do the special move. Strength may burn more food than it produces, but intellect
can cook more efficiently. Perception would make a great tracker, and stealth raider making less
noise as they move about, but they may not have as much speed as Agility does to getaway if chased.
Agility could outrun and out climb perception, but Zed awareness distance is greatly shortened.


TFP has written regarding specialized suits in the future,if it becomes possible I'd like to see
each suit dedicated to specialized animation per attribute, and regulated to being worn only if the
prerequisite attribute is met. That would be a nice late/end game perk.


to the wind


PS. Often I would start as my cook, have a person come up and talk about a battle adventure, Id log
off my cook, and bring in my warrior class and head out, exhibiting a different personality for that

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