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Sanity stat


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Hello Devs.

On one hand, it was good that dead bodies are no longer harvestable for fat/rotten meat/bones. I abused the shiitz out of it.

But it took something away from game...

I imagine eating a corpse or make glue from bones of decomposed body is not off the table in post apoPIZDETS(I am Russian, and I know it, lalala) world.

What about...

Sanity meter. Which can be restored by eating candy or some other activity. If it's low - you will get hallucinations(like weird noises or visions of zombies) or unable to properly control character, or collapse and not able to move for some time untill get hit a once or twice. Give player penalty. May be even harsh one.

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Edit: I know its "Pimp Dreams" but if the devs/anyone wants to see how it might "feel" in game, the mods below would be an easy test


There is a mod kinda like this "True Darkness": https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/815

Basically: If its nighttime, you have to be inside, and you have to have light or you will slowly go insane and die. There are "hallucination" sound effects with this one. Also: I believe this mod also has the "candles and torches you craft must be lit with a flint, and they will burn for awhile and go out" Combine this with mods that allow "longer nighttime hours" and its really hard to survive as its dark a lot, and darkness can kill you (I have one here called "OneHourOfDayLight"):


Also: I've played the above also combined with this mod "Stressed Out": https://7daystodiemods.com/stressed-out/

Basically; You get "stress" when fighting (and it will start climbing after a certain point, fighting or not), and if your stress gets too high you die (heart attack).  The only way to lower stress is to: not have it go too high and begin climbing, drink alcohol (find or make via recipes), smoke cigs, read a book you craft.  Its a bit easy to manage stress mid game once you can craft alcohol (and have looted/farmed lots of ingredients) but early-mid game it is easy to die by stress.


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