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Claim Auto Repair Block


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If I had to pick one mod to keep, it would be this one. Playing solo, this mod alleviates so much tedious work after horde night. Thank you :)

I have a desire to increase the repair area a few blocks outside of my land claim area. I poked around the code and decided to make this change in

int claimBuffer = 5;
int claimSize = ((GameStats.GetInt(EnumGameStats.LandClaimSize) - 1) / 2) + claimBuffer;

I'm not seeing any changes in the game so that leads me to a dumb question:
Do I need to compile this? I work with JavaScript but never messed with C. Offhand I know sometimes it needs to be compiled but I'm not certain.
If it does not need to be complied and my code change looks correct, then the next question would be is 'ground' considered a block?
What I want to accomplish here is repairing all the bullet-divots in my 'yard'. I can repair the ground with clay, just not sure if ground qualifies as a block to your code.

Anyway, great mod and please bear with my dumb sounding questions.

Edit: I answered my own question about ground blocks by increasing the land claim area in the game. It did repair the ground, but I would still like to know about compiling my change.

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Hello went to install this on my small private server. Ive downloaded the master from GitHub and dropped it into the mods folder. I have turned off EAC and keep getting the following error:

ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing " failed
EXC Class 'ClaimAutoRepair, ClaimAutoRepair' not found on block ocbBlockClaimAutoRepair!

Any help would be super appreciated. I can almost garentee I missed something small

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This is right from our serverconfig file: <property name="EACEnabled"                        value="false"/>
Where would I find this full log, sorry if it seems like a noob questions Im new to 7D2D hosting
I tried using the same version you posted above and still was unable to get this mod to work on my server.

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Hello. Started using this and it seems pretty great, only I have a hard time telling how effective it is beyond the number of materials that are consumed by it because I repaired all the major damage to my base during the horde night.


However, when I open the claim repair block it gives me an error "Claim Auto Repair could use Land Claim Block". The CRB's outline is sometimes white, and it IS consuming materials. The CRB's outline is also sometimes red, to indicate that it doesn't detect an LCB. I did read the original post and the meanings of the outlines, but considering the CRB is directly next to the Land Claim Block I don't know how it's not detecting that. (To clarify, it IS repairing things, but it also apparently doesn't detect the LCB)


I am using a few other mods but none of them effect land claims.


I do have the claim area size increased higher than its default (not through a mod). I don't think that would effect it though.


EDIT: It's clearly eating my materials and doing something with them, but there are a few blocks that I found that did not get repaired.

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