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Alpha 20 Stamping Question


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TFP or anyone that can answer this for me.


First id like to write that I watched the stream six with FubarPrime on Twitch.
It was great, the environment even from a voyeuristic view, gave a feeling of
natural flow.


Then they mentioned the inhouse stamping system. This is what prompted my questions.
What are the inclusions, in regard to what is available to be stamped.


The questions i have if they can be answered are. Will a mask color be included for modding
potential city layouts, or do we simply flatten the land to specific L/W sizes?


I am asking this in regard to suburbs and outskirt areas. Cities have a tendency to
be laid out in 90 degree corners. Towns a little more loosely structured. Suburbs
more terrain oriented.


Within the cities, if we created a custom terrain shape, a circle for instance, that was
large enough to hold a few lots, could we also stamp, lot sizes for custom ditribution
of potential POIs or is it random?


Prior when I would customize terrain I would often have flattened areas that would not
generate Poi's. It seemed that it was a hard coded altitude regulation.


Ken will this still work for modding terrain


<terrain_generator name="vanilla2" base_height="32" water_level="38">
            <module name="HM" type="NoiseFromImage">
                <property name="metersPerPixel" value="15.14"/>
                <property name="imageFile" value="sarek.png"/>
            <module name="BIAS" type="BiasOutput">
                <property name="sourceModule" value="HM"/>
                <property name="bias" value="-30"/>
            <output module="BIAS"/>



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