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Electricity Overhaul Mod


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11 hours ago, ocbMaurice said:

Please always include a complete log, otherwise it is only guesswork.
My guess is you tried to load an existing map and didn't turn on the needed flag?

Yes its an existing world .
What flag? Sorry i didn't see a thing that said How to Install in the README. I kind of just guessed with that Bepex thing.

And sorry again which logs do you need?

Also I CRTL+F couldn't find anything about Flag or Existing/New World(s). Let me where i should of looked.

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Some configs have changed due to UL and DF compatibility. And you don't really need to add any of them to your xml config if you just want to stick to the defaults.


Anyway, I've update the readme in the main git repo:



- <property name="PowerPerEngine" value="50" />

+ <property name="PowerPerEngine" value="100" />

- <property name="ChargePerBattery" value="35" />

+ <property name="PreferFuelOverBattery" value="false" />
+ <property name="BatteryChargePercentFull" value="60" />
+ <property name="BatteryChargePercentEmpty" value="130" />

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The only thing i add to this is a version of the junction/fuse boxes. Relays on the outside of a building were fine but relays on the inside of buildings made no sense and felt like fun pimps just wanted it to work and went for one block does it all.


Junction boxes or fuses boxes on the inside make more sense and cosmetically fit.


Merely a cosmetic thing  but one that can add a to immersion i think.



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