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Thanks boys

Lenny Lettuce Lips

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Sitting happy with 600+ hours and been plenty content. It was some whiplash with my first three hours in A16 to A17, so I never knew what I missed. 

I cruise the forum a lot more than I ever post, and rarely log in. Makes me prone to reply to nonsense. 


Just wanted to say a big thanks to who made this all possible and it's been a damn blast. I'm dying for A20 and soon will be busy with a kid, so my hours will likely dip down tremendously. I've never seen a set of creators so engaged and responsive to both wild and inane criticism and implying the mechanics they ask for. (thank you for the lockpicks bros, but when can I pick doors? ; ) )


I love the diehards who post here and share some good insight and know where this is actually going versus where the trendies wanna go. Ultimately, I got more than my money's worth and I'm grateful for it. Ya'll did a bad ass job, and I appreciate it. Proud of you. 

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1 hour ago, Maharin said:

The whole experience (game, forums, all of it) is actually done by one person in their garage in Makalamabedi, Botswana.  This is, of course, only their part time job.  Their main passion is as a teacher in the local primary school.

I didn't know roland lives in Botswana... 😄

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