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Was just wondering if there is ever going to be an update foe co sole ps4? I would like to have the 4x4 and etc.....

I really like this game as I play stranded deep also . I love playing games like this cause of the relaxation of my brain when I'm done playing for the night. I know it's a process to get an update done . I still play with my minibike that's there .but storage wise wile I'm out scavenging sucks not enough room . I like scavenging for like 5 days when I go. Lol

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You can read about the history of 7D2D if you follow the link in THICK red above.


As it says your version of the game will not get any updates anymore. But the newest development is that TFP has maybe found a publisher who will port the PC game to console once the PC game is released aka out of EarlyAccess. That publisher will also determine if it is possible to make a version for the ps4 (I have my doubts though, the publisher may be willing, but they don't know yet what it would take to get the newer game on such ancient hardware).



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