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Tallman Brad

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I don't seem to be able to find the thread for Mplogue's Rose Abby so I'll share this here for the moment. I hope this is ok? I'm happy to attach it to the original thread (if i can find it!) if this causes a problem?


In this poi spotlight I take a look around Rose Abby by Michael Logue. A walled estate featuring several buildings within the grounds and dominated by a escher‐esque tower that contains a formidable maze of stairs, dead-ends, huge loot and also trouble from our undead friends.



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Here's another great early game poi from TopMinder who also made the very impressive Art Gallery poi. 

This one is the Shopping Centre. Similar to an IKEA format (but smaller), or your regional equivalent. Somewhere to grab some decent loot without too much trouble and a chance to get a few books too. Here's the link and checkout the playlist if you'd like to see more. Or comment in the video if you'd like me to look at a particular poi in another video. 


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