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DMT mod to hide wires when wiring tool is not equiped


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On the heals of my last mod, here comes the next.
Small excerpt from my bigger electricity overhaul mod.

This mod hides all power wires, except trip wires and

shock wires, when the wiring tool is not equipped.



Ideally we would need to know the type of block for the

right and left position of each wire, but that information

doesn't seem to be available. But we know that wires

between trip or shock posts have a different pulse color,

so we simply look for that color to show or hide wires.


This MOD needs DMT (Harmony) loader to be present!
Also tested successfully with Undead Legacy Mod!

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Hi ocbMaurice


It's a great mod, I'll take a look at it, thanks for sharing.
It would be a lot to ask if you can make a mod so that the crops require water (I made a mod in which you can cultivate again in the land, I don't like farmplot very much), I would do it but I don't know much about how to make them with DMT and Harmony.

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