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Life is not a ponycamp Darkness Falls Bdubyah's Vehicles [PVE]


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Life is not a ponycamp is modded with Darkness Falls and Bdubyah’s Vehicles.

Friendly and helpful admins and players.


Recently wiped.

Day 18 as of posting.


Make sure to have both Darkness Falls and Bdubyah's Vehicles/DF Compatibility patch installed and EAC turned off to be able to join the server.


Awesome Darkness Falls server with slightly higher loot, exp and block damage. We want to give you the best experience as active admins.

We got hardcore permadeath players and events now and then.

We will listen to your suggestions and try to implement changes that benefit the playerbase.

Be yourself and enjoy yourself.



No griefing

No racism

No hacking/Cheating/Glitching

No POI/Prefab claims

Discord: https://discord.gg/5Fr9g3UzKy

Max players: 15


Map: DFalls-Small2


Difficulty: Warrior (3)


Max zombies: 100


Max animals: 70


XP multiplier: 275%


Player block damage: 147%


Loot: 175%


Drop on death: Nothing




3 Claim blocks max


Claim block health online/offline: Infinite


Claim block duration: 7 days

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