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- Weapon attachments like silencer or scope or grip. - Freelook possibility when looting things. If you played old Mafia game when you were unlocking someones car you could look to right and left. That would be nice in this game too because being fixed at container is pretty bad and I died one too many times because of that. Nothing here nothing there lets open weapon safe ( 30 sec ) aaaaaaand Im dead ... - Lie down on the ground and crawl OR some action that will make it possible for player to go through gaps where is 1 block missing like walls. ( No need for some super next gen lying and crawling ). - Backpack slot that will let you equip different backapcks so you can carry more things BUT you will be slower. - Crafting feature : You can DRAG stack of items in crafting grid and in every window you passed with your mouse will be filled with 1 piece of that item. ( Lets say you craft wooden door ( 8 wood ) ) so you just take 8 wood, Right-click & hold and drag it in 4x2 grid. Bam doors ! Its better than crafting because sometimes it ignores clicks and when you need to craft something while you are on the run ... it sure will help and it is not OP fetaure. - RC explosived : Explosives that you can blow up WHEN YOU WANT.
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