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Help to get started with Unity Modding


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I am trying to get started (from scratch) with creating a modlet with some new weapons. It actually started, because I saw this one modlet, where the guns either didn't have a sound near the firing location, but only at the hitting location, aaand some of them had some weird texturing. Therefore I started to look into the actual modlet and found the Unity3d files. Reverse engineering those are not that simple, and I haven't found many tutorials online.


So - I wanted to know, if anyone had a Unity project for a 7D2D pistol (also because I wanted to see how the slide got animated), which one may look at and try to practise his/hers first modlet version out from?

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Good place to start. Template project and several videos explaining various parts of Unity.

Gun specific tutorial. Was for A17 but everything still applies. Only thing that has really changed is there's a new way to do attachments. But the old way works just fine.

Some tutorials helping with animations.

And the discord is a great place to get help. :)

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