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Solar/Battery Interaction


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I've done a quick search and cannot find it (Apologies if already here).

But the solar power and battery interaction needs to seriously be looked at.


I have one solar bank and a solar cell and a full battery bank with 6 batteries. During the day my setup only draws power from the solar cell and not the battery bank. That is a bad design. It should take power from the last point and then if there is no power left in the batteries, it throughputs to take power direct from the solar cell(s), thus the battery bank acts as relay until the batteries have charge in the again. The current design just seems so backwards that the batteries only kick in at night.

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The way solar typically works is that it charges the batteries, and then spare power is used for the household. You build the systems so that the load from the household does not exceed the remaining value required to charge. It is not useful to draw from the batteries while you are charging them, as it will heat the batteries up more and shorten their lifespan.


In-game it works very similarly. If you plan your setup accordingly, then you won't run into an issue. The devices will draw straight from solar during the day, and from the batteries at night.

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