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7dtd X <something> crossover


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Well a lot of games with zombies  (and horror games )  have coorperation  so i think some devs would like to make crossover with 7dtd.

So my ideas : 7DTD X L4D2 - add witch to 7dtd , maybe destroyed helicopter and ofc mercy hospital. To l4d2 add screamer add 7dtd ak47 and m60 skins 

7DTD X  RE- add broken butterfly and  samurai edge , maybe add mr X and napad or whooper. To re add screamer and fat coop ofc :)

7DTD X DYING LIGHT - add to 7dtd bandits from dying light ( just change skins of 7dtd bandits), toad and gas tank. To dying light add screamer, wight and spider zombie.

What do you think guys? Which games could have crossoover with 7dtd? What could be added to both games in your opinion?

Maybe any dev would say his dream about it. :)

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Normally I am anti-cross genre platforms.  I dislike their lack of purity.


But, if I could ask for something.. I'd love to see a crossover with Dying Light.

The parkour, physics, banditry, storyline, and gameplay of that one - coupled with sandbox action with base building from 7 days to die I would literally cry with joy.

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9 hours ago, Laz Man said:

7d2d FPS RTS.  Ever play c&c renegade? Or a coop MP version of Medieval Dynasty + 7D2D.

geez medival dynasty + 7dtd could be sooooooooooooooo goooooood !!!!! ok . @madmole love medival period so :

1. talk about him about crossover.

2 TFP talks with  Render Cube = 

3. After few months : deal

3. Profit for everyone!!!! 

28 minutes ago, Crater Creator said:

Damnnn it's looks so good now we need some who could make witch , boomer, splitter and tank ( rest types coudn't work because them grab you in diffrent ways). XD 

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That old Genesis Shadowrun game.


It's still voxel and mostly the same as 7DTD, but instead of a zombie apocalypse wasteland it's a decaying cyberpunk city full of aggressive enemies like drug crazed gangbangers and augmented mercenaries. You are the leader of a small time gang and you run (minigame) jobs for clients like hacking, stealing, and ghoul extermination. You can take over derelict buildings as gang HQ and outposts.

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