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Mod idea for single player

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I was wondering how difficult it would be to make standalone program where you can download and upload custom paint swatches and textures. Like say take a image type from google images, drop it in a folder in this program and have a command that can activate or a button that autowrites the code and inserts it into the game file for you. Similar to gran tourismos setup for custom graphics. It would only be used for single player tho. I play 7 days mostly offline anymore and would love to have something like that for extravagant builds. 


Also a bull dozer for leveling and digging would be awesome too! Lol

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I am pretty sure I once saw a mod where someone had made a loader/dozer that would level land very quickly, but I think it was just a proof of concept and was never released. May have been Hal9000 as he use to do that sort of thing.

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Regarding textures - TFP have been asked many times about adding textures that can be used to paint blocks. They can't do it for technical reasons.


If I remember correctly (and I could be wrong), it's because the texture ID is stored in the representation of a block, and that representation is just a simple integer. The information is stored in the different bits in that integer. They don't have enough bits to store more textures than they already have.


Again, I could be wrong about the reason - but they did say there was a hard limit to the number of textures available to blocks, and that it has been reached.

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