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How to test your loot drop rate


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Good day to all

In the process of creating the mod, I ran into the following problem:
In the file with the description of the loot, I added presets for various containers where you can find them. Of course, he indicated the chance of dropping out. For a balanced drop, I would like to test how this works in-game. The most logical approach in my opinion is to put 20 containers> search them> and understand how many (or few) items the player will receive in a real situation. And what will he get in the end when he finds 20 such containers. However, when adding containers from a creative, they are all set empty and it is impossible to check the chance of being issued.
To solve this problem, I added items to the airdrop boxes. Then, using the "spawnsupplycrate" command in the game console, I called 20 airdrops and checked the chance of items falling out. However, I did not get the general picture with the loot of specific containers.

Question: How can you test this case (without running around the world in search of you need boxes in the right amount)? How to manually update the loot on the server?

If anyone has come across such a case, I will be glad to any experience. Thank you in advance

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1 hour ago, Laz Man said:

There are some issues with testing loot in the editor in A19.  I believe this has been fixed in A20.  Probably best to wait until A20.




Just the thought of creating a bunch of loot containers, then opening each one individually and writing down the results to check loot probability.


With Alpha 20 just around the corner, I paused on my modlet creation for that reason alone.  Still working on the code here and there, but I realized that it be best to wait until after A20 releases so I can see if I need to make any changes to my code before I start testing it out in the game.


By then I hope to drop my OCD about writing down loot probability results via individual containers and just go with starting and ending numbers after X containers, especially if I decide to make X significant

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I know you always seem to get the same order of stuff in the editor but I figure if you open enough you'd still get a bit of a feel for the probabilities. 


Another thing you can do is use your loot list in place of the normal zombie lootbag. Edit one zombie to always drop loot and spawn a bunch in and kill them and loot the bags. Still time consuming but will be exactly the same as how it would be in a real game. I did that for my raider/bandit loot. 

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