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Expanded item repair balance by BlackRabbit


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Good day to all.


I want to share my first full-fledged mod. For a long time I could not find use for collapsible parts in the game. In addition, I think it is not logical that the player can repair complex firearms at the love stage of the game. On many servers, I met a mechanic with a change in repair - but not all mods were clear and convenient for me. And finally, I myself began to deal with writing mods and am ready to offer my vision of all this mechanics.

ATTENTION! This mod significantly complicates the overall gameplay of the player - not everyone may like it!
In any case, I will be glad to hear your opinion on the work done!


P.S. I apologize for any inaccurate wording. I am using google translator to write this post


The full version of the mod can be downloaded here:



The mod only uses server side materials. Useful for online servers.

Available localization: English, Russian



Description of changes:


Resources for repairs have been changed:

Cloth Armor - required resource: Cloth

Scrap Armor - required resource: Scrap

Leather Armor - required resource: Leather 

Rocket Launcher, Steel Club, Steel Sledgehammer, Steel Knuckles, Steel Spear, Machete, StunBaton - required resource: details when parsing


Added 4 new recipe books and 10 new repair kits to the game:


Mining Master book unlocks:

Steel Tool Repair Kit (unlocked: Miner69r - rank1) - repairs: Ratchet, Steel Shovel, Steel Pickaxe, Steel Axe;

Motor Tool Repair Kit (unlocked: Miner69r - rank3) - repairs: Impact Driver, Auger, Chainsaw.


Battleship book unlocks:

Heavy Armor Repair Kit (unlocked: Heavy Armor - rank1) - repairs: Steel Armor Set, Swat Helmet;

Light Armor Repair Kit (unlocked: Light Armor - rank1) - repairs: Military Armor Set.


Firearm book unlocks:

Pistol Repair Kit (unlocked: Gunslinger - rank1) - repairs: Pistol, Magnum44, SMG5, DesertVulture;

Shotgun Repair Kit (unlocked: Boomstick - rank1) - repairs: DoubleBarrel, PumpShotgun, AutoShotgun;

Automatic Weapon Repair Kit (unlocked: Machine Gunner - rank1) - repairs: AK47, Tactical Assult Rifle, M60;

Rifle Repair Kit (unlocked: Dead Eye - rank1) - repairs: Hunting Rifle, Marksman Rifle, Sniper Rifle;

Bow & Crossbow Repair Kit (unlocked: Archery - rank1) - repairs: Wooden Bow, Compound Bow, Iron Crossbow, Compound Crossbow.


Mechanics and Electrical book unlocks:

Turrets Repair Kit (unlocked: Turrets - rank1) - repairs: Junk Turret, JunkS ledge;

(in the next version!) Vehicle Repair Kit (unlocked: Grease Monkey - rank1) - repairs: any Vehicles


Also added gameplay changes:

- Changed the number of parts when disassembling any items (which are disassembled into parts);

- Increased the initial cost of all parts obtained by dismantling. The cost differs depending on the frequency of use of the parts.

- Increased the initial cost of all items that require collapsible parts to craft. Changing the cost according to the formula: cost of 1 part * number of parts for crafting.
  (P.S. The cost of other resources for crafting is not taken into account)

- Changed the distribution of loot. All types of repair kit and recipes can be found in the game world

- All new kits have been added to the sale at traders. Except books (they can only be found in the world)


When developing the mod, the following materials were used: https://github.com/Iceburg71/Iceburg-Proper-Repair-Kits

Many thanks to the author!


I will very much ask your opinion on fashion. Write all your wishes or questions in the comments. I am happy to answer everyone.



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